Your Destination...Loss Weight

Your Destination...Loss Weight
I’d like to share you  a few thoughts that may help you on your weight loss journey. The words we speak are very powerful and those words create an attitude. How often have you used the term, “my weight?” You may have made the comments like these:

“When I lose my weight. . . .”
“My weight doesn’t let me. . .”
“I can’t . . . . because of my weight”

Do see a common thread throughout these statements? Can you make an educated guess at how many times you have said one of them or something similar? From our earlier discussion, you probably already noticed the “negative” affirmations . . . when . . .doesn’t . . . can’t. . . Read them again more carefully. Do you see the other critical factor in each statement?


Each of those statements re-affirms that you “own” your weight. Therefore, each time you make that comment not only are you reaffirming your current weight, you are pronouncing to the world that you are not willing to let go. 
Your Destination...Loss Weight
Using a personal pronoun is powerful stuff, because not only are you claiming ownership, you are training your subconscious mind to believe that you can’t let go.

Starting today . . . right now . . . this very minute, make a conscious decision that you no longer accept ownership of excess weight. You are not what you weigh. You are a unique human being and entitled to all the gifts that this life has to offer.
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