Irregular, yellow teeth are in trend

Symmetric, white and perfectly proper teeth have been known for the ideal of beauty to which all should aspire for years. But the smile that shows the gap between the yellow teeth is now more valued in the fashion world, and the trend will very quickly reach out and to "ordinary" women, The New York Times. In fact, perfect teeth are not "in" anymore, but the teeth that reflect individuality.

"My patients do not want their teeth look like someone else's. They want an authentic look, which is reflected in the teeth, it is important to them that your teeth look like they have a lifetime spent in one mouth, " says Dr. Marc Löwenburg, a respected dentist from Manhattan .

Instead of large sums of money allocated for the removal of small imperfections, so women today proudly show off their spaces and discolorations. For the price they re individuality and originality.

However, as the naturalness no one earns, the dentists in the U.S. have already begun offering yellow ceramic shell, or laminates that are placed on the front surface of teeth. Instead of whitening the patient by paying for small impurities and less overlap.

Among the popular examples of imperfect teeth from the world of celebrity as the daughter of Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, and model Lara Stone
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