Women are increasingly susceptible to heart disease

Changing lifestyle, stress, poor metabolic profile and so on are factors that young and middle age women are all vulnerable to heart disease, cardiologists assured. "Previously it was thought that women are less at risk of heart problems. However, times have changed, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, women's hormonal make-up has also changed and all this made them more vulnerable to heart disease, "said V. Hariharan, senior consultant cardiologist and the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi and quoted by local media. "Obesity, contraception, smoking, stress, unhealthy feeding are all things that are responsible for heart disease for men and women, " said Hariharan at a rally in the campaign as A billion hearts beating in part by the brought together school children and students as a sign of support for the fight to spread awareness about heart problems.

"Women between 15 and 45 years, and this is the period in which they are able to emerge, becoming more and more prone to heart problems, " said Hariharan, as confirmed by the data center for global health research which show that heart disease, especially in India, among the leading causes of death in urban and rural areas.
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