Your face is like an open book!

For centuries people have tried to understand the character of the person observing the face

The ancient Chinese believed that the face is a reflection of a inner spirit. In medieval Europe, beauty is regarded as a virtue, while ugliness was a sign of evil. Even in modern times, phrenology, a discipline that studies the shape of the head, was used to identify potential criminals.

And while science has rejected this, once the modern ideas, there are some aspects of the face that allows us to assess the person. There are about 100 parts of the face which can be analyzed in terms of communication, but we will present only the essentials.

Face Shape

Round:  This type of person has an emotional character and
is sentimental and caring. These people are looking for a stable and lasting relationship.

Oblong: This type is considered to be very practical, methodical, with a tendency to work too. They may have a narcissistic personality that can lead to relationship problems.

Checkered: This feature is associated with fire, and the person may seem aggressive, ambitious and dominant. People with this face with a sharp, analytical mind, and are resolved.

Triangle: This type of person is traditionally associated with lean physiognomy and intellectual abilities. Chinese tradition connecting this person with creativity and sensitivity, and fiery temperament.


Broad forehead apparently is a sign of practicality and wisdom, and an idealistic person who has lots of ideas. If your forhead is straight, it indicates the person who is pragmatic, logical, and is expressed through the facts. If you have a big forehead, it means that you are a dreamer, a person who must have solid ground to achieve its ambitions.


How to recognize that someone is lying? As stated by
intellectual abilities Richard Bandler and his ideas of neuro-linguistic programming, according to the method and direction of where a person looks, one can recognize what he thinks.

If set person a question, and it looks right (you left), that means using the creative side of the brain, which indicates a visual design. If you look left, people use visual memory, and probably telling the truth. By contrast, watching the right indicated the lie.

The shape of the eye can expose much also. Protruding eyes that shine reveal a person nervous temperament. Unevenly spaced eyes, suggesting a person who observes things from different perspectives, and often has problems with its own integrity.

Characterize people's eyes drawn intense, possessive nature, and is often associated with creative personalities.
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