Placebo effect works even when the patient knows that it gets it

Most people think that there will not be an placebo effect if the patient knows that he instead of the drug gets a sugar pill, but new research suggests that they are wrong

Placebo effect works even when the patient knows that instead of a specific drug he takes something that has nothing to do with this, published this week by researchers from Harvard Medical Center and Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston in the scientific journal PLoS ONE. In an unusual experiment by which it sought to better understand the placebo effect has shown that about 60 percent of patients suffering from irritable bowel felt much better after the deliberate taking placebo twice a day - on the other hand, in 35 percent of patients who have not passed any new treatment are not observed improvements. Ted Kaptchuk, who led the research said that the bottles that the patients are given a clearly visible inscription 'Placebo '. Pills inside them did not contain any active ingredient, but mostly of inert ingredients. Otherwise, the placebo effect is known since the very beginnings of medicine.

It is extremely important for research of new medicines and treatments and is well known, as confirmed by numerous documents, that is between 30 and 40 percent of patients feel better after taking a placebo without knowing that it was a sugar pill. However, in the context of standard medical treatment and believes that giving placebos to the patient without his knowledge unethical move. In addition, most people believe that a placebo will have no effect if the patient knows what it is. But Kaptchuks research suggests just the opposite. He and his colleagues analyzed the condition of 80 patients with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome characterized by abdominal pain. Particular part of the patients were told that during the next three weeks taking nothing but a placebo. Anthony Lembo, noted expert on the medical problem with the gut who participated in the study, said it was strange to talk to patients to literally take only a placebo, but it was even stranger was that it turned to acting. The entire project is funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
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