Obesity has doubled in the last 30 years

The percentage of obese people has almost doubled in 28 years and in the world today affects 500 million adults, more women than men

Among rich countries, first by the number of obese people take up the United States, and Japan is the first in the slenderness of the population, while the Europeans, especially French and Italians, very well resist obesity.

The researchers, Majid Ezzat with King's College London, and Salim Yusuf and Sonia Anand of the Institute of Population Research / Health in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), studied the weight gain since 1980. by 2008. in persons older than 20 years. Body mass index (BMI under engl. body mass index) is calculated by dividing the person's body weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. About prekomjerenoj weight tells when the BMI greater than 25th For persons in whom BMI 30 says that the obese, a value of 35 indicates severe obesity.

In 28 years BMI increased for women and men in the world today, 1.46 billion adults are overweight. Obesity is almost doubled in 28 years and affects 205 million men and 297 million women. "Excess weight and obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are no longer just a phenomenon affecting Western or rich countries, but also the population of low or middle income", said pr. Ezzat.
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