Clowns improve artificial insemination

That laughter heals, it is widely known, but a new Israeli study has found that clowns can contribute to the success of assisted reproduction

The Israeli team was accompanied by 219 women who underwent medically assisted reproduction (in vitro or in vitro fertilization, IVF) and found that success is higher in those women who were entertained by a professional "medical clown" just because their embryos were transferred into the uterus.

A total of 36 percent of women has
conceived who were entertained by a clown, which is more compared to 20 percent of women who failed therapy with laughter. Head of research team Shevach Friedler applied a method of laughter as he read about the potential psychological effects of laughter as a "natural mechanism to combat stress. "

"Patients who are trying to get a child IVF are under incredibly much stress, " Friedler explained. Additional research should be carried out to determine whether there are still some stress reduction techniques that could be applied in the process of IVF, he said. "laughter therapy" has long applied to Israel, the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, mostly in children's hospitals, where clowns come laugh male patients.
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