Smart bandage changes color if the wound is infected

The color of the new materials for dressings and patches changes from yellow to purple if there is wound infection. In this way, doctors can monitor the healing process from the outside, a bandage change only when it is justified by medical reasons, according to researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for the Study of solid state technology (EMFT). Their colleagues from the University of Jena have gone a step further and invented a material which accelerates wound healing.

Bandages and plasters are changing color depending on the change of pH values. "Our previous studies have shown that pH value plays an important role in the healing process. New material reduces the risk of infection, and patients with painful by changing the bend must be faced only when truly necessary, " explains Philipp Babilas as a doctor who was involved in EMFT's project.

Healthy skin and healed wounds have a lower pH value of 5 Increasing the amount of flow indicates the occurrence of infection in the wound. The material, therefore, at pH values between 6.5 and 8.5 takes the color purple and also signals to physicians that there was a problem in the healing phase. The first prototype of a smart bandage but is made and shows very good results. Slightly more advanced model, contains sensors that can accurately measure the pH value which can then be read at the appropriate device.

Scientists from the University of Jena managed to almost immediately develop a material that promotes healing of chronic wounds that are treated for years. "A group of bacteria produces nano-cellulose, which absorbs large amounts of fluids from the wound, while the other side of the wound supplying drugs that stimulate healing, " explains lead researcher Dana Kralisch.

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