Laughter is good for the success of 'in vitro' fertilization

Women who have undergone a classical in vitro fertilization procedure and laughter treatment stayed pregnant easier than women who did not laugh

Laughter is good for the success of in vitro fertilization, said Professor Shevach Friedler of Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Israel, who led the study, whose results showed that the activity of laughter counteracts stress. His knowledge is based on an analysis of 200 women undergoing or have undergone in vitro treatment, transferred journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and Fertility and Sterility (Fertility and Sterility).

All women have gone completely classical in vitro fertilization procedures, but after implanting embryos, half of women has undergone a specific 15-minute treatment of "medical clowning. " Clowns have with their act getting women
to laugh which later proved to be very good - namely, 36.4 percent of women in this group remained in pregnancy compared with 20.2 percent of women from groups that have not laugh, clowns, the report said city Assaf Harofeh.

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