Lose weight by exposing your body to cold

A former NASA expert says that people spend a lot more calories when they are cold, and he lost 13.5 kg in six weeks 

The laws of thermodynamics, helped former NASA expert and founder of Zero G''''Ray Cronise to lose weight. As Cronise told ABC News, he realized that an important role in weight loss is our environment. In fact, our body temperature remains constant, and it takes a lot of energy.

Because your body is exposed to cold, and the results were visible - for six weeks lost 13.5 pounds. Cronise says people tend to think that you burn calories during exercise because sweat, but he believes that the more calories you burn when we are cold.

The inspiration comes from the swimming champion Michael Phelps, who enters about 12,000 calories a day into the body. Although Phelps physically active than average, Croniseu was illogical why he needs so many calories, and then he realized that the issue of water. Specifically, the cold water forces the Phelps's body to constantly struggling to maintain optimal temperature.

This phenomenon has been studied and the military and those who have studied the possibility of sending a mission to space the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, because they are trying to find ways to keep the same weight in the cold.
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