New antibiotics - the bacteria will be killed by their own weapons

U.S. scientists are on the verge of a revolutionary discovery that could lead to an entirely new generation of antibiotics and bacteria indicate that the toxin destroyed themselves, writes journal Structure. Experts at the Washington University in St. Louis examined the defense mechanism of beta-hemolytic streptococci serogroups A, Streptococcus pyogenes, which causes infectious diseases such as almond and sore throat, scarlet fever and purulent skin infections.

Like other bacteria, Streptococcus pyogenes using specific toxins that attack and destroy cells. In order to prevent the toxins also destroy the streptococcus, is created an antidote in the form of a protein that binds to toxins and thus prevents self-destruction.

Scientists led by Craig Smith have discovered that there are two types of antidotes - active and inactive. "We believe that the inactive form of antidote kind of Achilles heel of bacteria to antibiotics and the need to act to that of bacteria. causative agents of disease, so would destroy their own poison, " explains Smith.

The importance of the discovery of a defense mechanism streptococci has on the development of new antibiotics, Craig said: "The bacteria fight against drugs, all were resistant to current antibiotics and must find new ways of treating patients. We have found that many bacteria work on the principle of poison and antidote, which is promising insights for the development of antibiotics that the bacteria can lead to the destruction of their firearms. "
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