Waxing with sugar - it is easier than you think!

Waxing with sugar is in recent times increasingly popular method of hair removal. Sugar can be plucked easily and efficiently, similar to wax. It is interesting that this method is very old and originated from the Middle East where it is today most common solution for one of the largest women's problems. With a little practice this type of waxing you can do yourself at home.

Before you explain what you do, you should know that this method of removing the finest hair, so it's not necessary to wait to grow up to a certain length for waxing.
What you all need?

- 250 g sugar
- 200 g honey
- Lemon
- cloth tape width approximately 10 cm

How to wax with sugar?

1) In a bowl, preheat 250g sugar until it turns dark.
2) Add 200 g of honey and 2 tablespoons
of squeezed lemon.
3) Remove the mixture from heat and stir until it becomes a yellow-gold color that is as thick as paste resins.
4) On clean skin, apply the warm mixture in the opposite direction of hair growth and paste it on tape.
5) drag flick through the cloth strip in the direction of hair growth.
6) After waxing, all traces of sugar mass is easily removed by plain warm water.


- Waxing with sugar is recommended for sensitive skin, because these natural substances do not cause irritation.

- For the first time be patient because it takes a little experience to have mastered the movements. Each subsequent time it will become easier, quicker and easier.
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