Molecules from turmeric protects and regenerates brain cells

Turmeric is a spice known as an antioxidant, a molecule discovered CNB-011 protects the brain, shows study

Scientists have from turmeric, the spice that has long been known as an antioxidant, get a new substance that protects brain cells and helps in their recovery after stroke. The new molecule called CNB-001 has shown in experiments on rabbits that acts on the protective mechanisms of brain tissue and helps his recovery after stroke.

Paul Lapchak, director of research at the Department of Neurology Hospital Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and lead author of the study, presented its findings at the annual conference of the American Association of stroke patients held this week in that city.

CNB-001 molecules do not dissolve clots that clog a blood vessel in the brain and cause stroke, but their work is helping to repair damage to tissues at the molecular level by reducing blood flow and oxygen.

Turmeric, which is also called the Indian saffron, has long been a subject of investigation in connection with the treatment of brain injuries and diseases.

One problem which the body poorly absorbs the spice that dissolves quickly and not reach the brain in larger quantities. In addition, it blocks the natural protective mechanism that prevents
external substances from entering the brain. But because molecule CNB-001 "has many of the same features and turmeric, and without any problems can overcome the natural barrier protecting the brain and so quickly reach the brain and stimulate the more important mechanisms that affect the operation of neurons, " he added Lapchak.
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