Even small cuts can cause tumor

A small cut is all you need for calm cancer cells turn into a tumor

To investigate how genetic mutations become tumors, Sunny Wong of the University of California, and colleagues created mice that had human gene cancer stem cells in hair follicles. Then they made a small incision in the skin of some mice, while others are not touching. The experiment showed that only the injured mice developed tumors, which appeared around the cut.

Namely, when
cuts appear on the skin, hair follicle stem cells, migrate into the wound. Wong explains that cancer cells may be inactive in the body until you see some kind of trigger, such as radiation or mutation, after which begins the formation of tumors. "In this case, the injury was still stimulated the cells to be activated."

Michael Kasper, in the study of injury and the development of lung cancer, was impressed by this survey. "This experiment sheds new light on the intriguing process of wound healing and the development of cancer."
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