Return of the plague - the Black Death threatens again

In the western parts of the U.S.A, a dangerous plague is spreading among wild animals and began to cross to humans

Plague is managed more or less seamlessly over the centuries as a place that is just waiting when will again halve the population of certain parts of the world. The last outbreak was recorded in Europe in World War II. In 1994. Plague struck Mozambique, Malawi and India, a year later, Madagascar, a hundred people in 2006. died in the Congo. That same year, with symptoms of plague in Los Angeles, one person was hospitalized.

In recent years, particularly threatened the West USA, where plague breaks out every summer. It was in this area, specifically in Colorado, an American medical institution CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has opened its headquarters to combat the plague.

"Plague is caused by a single organism called Yersinia pestis which is spread in the human body in different forms. It is most common bubonic plague transmitted by insects, a typical symptom of the enlarged and painful lymph nodes, " says May Chu scientist from CDC. Plague in the Middle Ages, easily spread due to the difficult living and hygienic conditions. With lymph node was crossing into the bloodstream where it is payable to the heart and lungs, and the disease could be transferred to ordinary coughs.
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