Sporting defeats are dangerous for heart health

Emotional stress after losing has a bad effect on the heart of fans, said in a research specialist at the University of LosAngeles

Sports defeats of their favorite clubs could be dangerous to the heart of the fans, according to a study published Monday in the journal Clinical Cardiology ". Scientists from the University of Los Angeles, studied the health consequences of defeat and victory of local clubs in the Super Bowl, the final game of American football and the most watched sporting event in the U.S., during the 80-ies and found that emotional stress after losing a bad effect on heart fans .

After the defeat of LA Rams in Super Bowl 1980th The increased number of fatal heart attacks for women (27 percent), elderly people (22 percent) and men (15 percent). "We were particularly surprised by a large increase in heart attacks for women,"said Robert Kloner, professor at the University of Southern California and lead author of the study. "More and more women become lovers of sport, but I think that among the causes we must look for connection between women and men. When a man gets angry and upset because of the defeat, it will also upset his partner, " said Kloner. For comparison, after winning the Los Angeles Raiders in Super Bowl 1984th year there were fewer heart attacks in all these categories.
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