Beauty Candy - candy that makes you prettier and younger

Brazilian dentist has developed a candy that makes us more beautiful and younger

Beauty obsessed Brazilians are crazy for "Beauty Candy" that will soon be sold in Europe. Price should move about 9 euros per pack of 150 grams. The manufacturer claims that regular sucking in a short time makes a person beautiful, young and radiant.

Colorful candies contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails. However, doctors argue that this is yet another product that promises more than it can fill. Although the body needs food rich in vitamins and minerals, candies are sweet and unhealthy with a very small proportion of beneficial ingredients.

Candies former dentist has developed in Brazil, which emphasizes that there are no sugar. Sweet taste comes from the polyol, sugar alcohol in large quantities can cause digestive problems, bloated feeling and abdominal pain. For those who do not like sweets there is the same combination of ingredients in liquid form - Beauty Drink.

Critics however argue that the substances make us pretty in a significantly higher proportion found in fruits and vegetables and tap water. Candies can be natural and healthy to replace the so-called. "beauty foods": fish, fresh fruit juices, tomato juice and carrot juice, beef (rich in zinc), eggs, brewer's yeast, nuts and soda.
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