Dog food is healthier than human food

Nutritionist Mike Konowalski lived for a month with just eating dog food

He says that he is using the dog food in cans and dry dog biscuits and in just three days lost over 3kg. Doctors have warned that it could be indigestion, but a more serious medical problems of this kind of food should not be manifest.

Konowalski decided to go to the dog food in order to show that it is only a selection of lifestyle is responsible for the obesity epidemic in modern societies. In earlier experiments, he lived on fast food a month and have accumulated quite a few pounds.

However, a nutritionist from Las Vegas this time the diet based on organic chicken, beef and turkey from a local pet store. He added that he intends to be fed this month because he wants to prove that any kind of food can be healthy if consumed in moderation, and that people do not have to undergo rigorous diet to lose extra pounds.

"Anyone who chooses a modern consumerist way of life must suffer. There is no other choice. So I think that dog food that I eat healthier now than what I ate last year, " concludes Konowalski who recorded their experiences on the blog "The Choice Project".
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