Foods that you can improve your appearance

Instead of reaching for expensive cosmetic products, rather open your refrigerator

Specifically, the appearance can be influenced through the food we eat. Adding a few useful foods in your diet is easy, convenient and inexpensive way to improve looks.

Eggs - the quick energy source is rich in iron, which prevents hair loss, and also sulfur, which makes hair soft and shiny.

- contains betaine, and it is a bioactive agent that helps to breakdown fats. Its juice also contains the type of chlorine that helps digestion in the same way. Pure red beet juice might not suit some people, so it can be used as a condiment. Add a tablespoon or two salads, baking, etc.

Oil from the seeds of grapes
- this new, modern oil is great for salads or Italian bread. Used in cosmetics as a skin softener, but it is also rich in vitamin E, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Use it like olive oil. There are a decent smoke point, so you can burn on it, or use it as a condiment for salads and marinades.

Turkey - do not ignore the importance of health fingernails. But there is good news: it is quite easy to have beautiful nails. You just need to make sure that a) have enough fluid through the diet, and b) have enough protein. That does not mean that you should constantly eat steaks. Varied diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially in light colors, is the key to maintaining good looks. For a start not a bad combination of turkey soup, because in a delicious meal and enter the liquid and proteins.

Guava - This fruit is rich in antioxidants, which affect the free radicals, which are in turn responsible for skin damage and premature aging. You do not have to eat it even if you do not like the taste - just squeeze and rub the juice into the face. Guava is also rich in vitamin C, and it contains five times more than oranges.
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