Little tricks that make us look more attractive!

1st Want to make your eyes look bigger? Then do not use dark shades. Start with a base color, then apply eye shadow, which is a shade or two darker than the base. Fingers spread color to eyebrows.

2nd Whenare trying to cover up pimples , spots orfine lines , select a color that will neutralize . For example, the concealer color orange is countered by the dark eye circles.

Slightly green color corrector will mitigate the redness pimples. Unlike the base correctors are usually made of pigment, so you do not need to apply a lot.

3rd Trying to cover up tired? In this case, avoid causing the base. Instead, use a moisturizer, then apply pencil beige - this will cover up any redness around your eyes.

4th Of course, the morning was cold in your bathroom, but do not heat the shower. Warm water combined with cold, dry air creates a rough and dry skin.

After a quick shower and put
moisturizing lotion on dry skin.

5th Here are the secrets to smooth and soft lips: Use your best cream for the eyes. But be sure it contains a moisturizing formula.
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