Eat less by imagining food

Imagine the food that you know that you should not eat in large quantities because it will just help you - see how

Practicing visualization of food will help you to eat less, according to a study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and published in the journal Science. Experimental Psychology Carey Morewedge spent with his colleagues a series of experiments with M & M candies and cheese cubes.

They included 50 people who are thought to participate in research on the perception of size. First they showed candy images in three seconds - some three times, others 30 times. Everyone was told to imagine that eating sweets when they see them. Afterwards they were shown a series of M & M candies that were different sizes, and they should have to choose one original size. In the end, they offered a bowl of candy - apparently as a test of tasting. But scientists are secretly weighed bowls of candy to see how anyone eats.

The results showed that the consumption of candy largely depended on how respondents imagined that they had eaten. Those who envisioned the consumption of 30 candies at the end they had eaten only between two five candy - less than half of those who intended to eat only three candy. The same results were confirmed in experiments with cubes of cheese.

The study showed that just imagining the specific foods you'd like to avoid that helps you eat less at the end. Another fact that this confirms is that the level of hunger of the respondents had no impact on the amount that was eventually eaten. So, before you arrive at a Christmas party, imagine how you enjoy ham, cakes and other delicacies.
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