What is the best cure for a hangover?

Forget about raw eggs, honey on toast and a variety of medicinal herbs

Scientists have confirmed what millions have speculated for years - the best and simplest solution to this problem is the coffee and aspirin. Specifically, they found that caffeine from coffee, aspirin and anti-inflammatory ingredients react against the chemical constituents of the ethanol, or pure alcohol.

Ethanol creates a headache because chemical acetate, and even smaller doses can affect some people. Professor Michael Oshinsky, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, headache was induced in rats using small amounts of ethanol. Then the animals given doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatory ingredients to discover that they are blocked acetate and alleviate headaches.

The rats were not dehydrated, so the common argument that the coffee should not be used as a remedy against hangover because it causes further dehydration, can not be applied.
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