Plentiful breakfast does not reduce your calorie intake throughout the day

A study published in the journal "Nutrition Journal found that plenty of people who eat breakfast do not reduce their meals for lunch and dinner. German scientists have recommended a smaller number of calories for breakfast because they think it would help people who struggle with obesity to lose weight.

British Association for consumption says that breakfast is important for a balanced diet, a good breakfast is often linked with weight loss. A team of scientists from the University of Munich, conducted a study which has followed nearly 400 people over two weeks. They kept a diary about what they ate, what time and to what degree. Some of them had a hearty breakfast, some for breakfast ate little, and some have skipped.

Those who had a hearty breakfast, which was on the average 400 calories more than a small breakfast, by the end of the day should eat about 400 calories more. "The study results showed that people eat the same amount for lunch and dinner, regardless of what they ate breakfast, " said Dr. Volker Schusdziarra.
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