Flowin - a new way to exercise that will get you into shape

You do not like the gym but want to bring your body into shape? In this case, there are ideal news for you on the fitness market - Flowin. This system of training was developed by top class athletes in Sweden, and can completely replace the gym.

Flowin consists of a large base of trainings and a series of small washers for the hands, feet, knees and elbows. The system uses body weight as a natural source of strain, and all you can control and adjust it by pressing on the pad.

Flowin strengthens the whole body, a number of different combinations of exercises is over 300 Exercises concentrate on stability, flexibility, strength, balance, speed and energy.

Everyone can practice on Flowin - both professionals and complete beginners, young and old, is important only good will. Moreover, it does not even need much space in your home.
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