Healthy and fit with the cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is an excellent blend of recreation and fresh air to fill the battery

Alpine skiing and snowboarding at first glance seem attractive, but the snow is almost no better recreation of the ski runs. Unlike the downhill chase, recreational cross country skiing can be very quick to learn without special ski school, equipment is much lighter, it is not necessary to pay for lift tickets and ski and can be relatively little snow.

Complete equipment for cross country skiing may be the most European ski resorts rented for ten euros per day, and the paths can be used free of charge. No crowds on the trails as a popular airport for alpine skiing, so the probability of a collision / accident less.

 There are two types of cross country skiing, which combines the physical readiness and configuration of the ground. Classical methods reminiscent of the run without skis (heel rises from the floor to make a step, and the arms follow the motion of bodies). Professional skiers turn-runners used more so. plain style that is somewhat faster, but harder. As the name suggests, plain style reminiscent of the slip and requires different skis and poles longer.

Cross-country skiing guarantee good fitness and health. They are used all the muscles are so uniformly trained arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs and calves. Fans of this discipline can claim to run more room to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature.
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