People who occasionally use public transport have a greater risk of infection

People who are using the tram or bus daily are six times less exposed to the dangers of respiratory tract infections than people who use public transport occasionally

If you have recently used the tram or bus, public transportation know that you have incurred a great risk of various diseases and respiratory infections. But there's a catch - those who actually use public transportation are not exposed to danger while they are occasionally sit in the tram and buses to the risk of bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and infection exposed six times longer. So say experts at the University of Nottingham, whose work is published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases Journal.

"It is a small study, whose results have yet to confirm a more comprehensive analysis, " said Jonathan Van Tam, coordinator of the research group. However, the results justify the constant medical advice and warnings about the importance of hygiene, regular hand washing, especially after staying in places where large circulation of people (such as buses and trams). The researchers monitored the period when the most common health problems - from December to late January (2008/2009).. The study included 138 patients of whom 72 had acute respiratory infections and 66 patients in the control group. They had to fill out a questionnaire about how often they used public transportation five days before the onset of the disease. It has been shown that infections are six times more likely among those who occasionally sit in buses, trams and public transport as opposed to people who are operate on a daily basis. Van Tam says that it certainly has important implications in terms of health, especially now during epidemics and pandemics.
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