You are forgetful? Perhaps you are suffering from some kind of infection!

Forgetfulness is in our blood, according to research that associates 'distraction' with inflammation in the body

High levels of protein in the blood could be the cause of forgetfulness and distraction. Increased concentrations of C-reactive protein (CRP), in fact, makes us look to the future planning, German scientists discovered the University of Munster.

For this reason, the changes in the density of white matter in the brain, which indirectly leads to forgetfulness, because the man was a substance linked to brain regions responsible for memory.

The study showed forgetfulness associated with protein is not innate, but it depends on the inflammation in the body, because inflammation causes increased production of CRP.

The high stakes of this protein also increases the risk of sclerosis and heart attacks and strokes. However, it is not yet proven whether reducing CRP levels and improve memory.

Measuring CRP in the blood used for diagnostic purposes as an indicator of acute inflammation. Values between 10 and 40 mg / L indicate easier to inflammation, a value above 200 mg / L indicate a serious bacterial infection.
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