Wash your hands after you touch ATM

Although bank notes come from a machine and look for sure, after each withdrawal of money we should wash your hands. Problem is, namely, ATM keypads that are used for input pins, and on which, according to British microbiologists, there are more germs than public toilets.

Researchers from the sticks of cotton went through ATM keypad and toilet seats in public places across Britain. Samples were sent for analysis in the laboratory and the results are devastating - found cause infections of the genus Pseudomonas and Bacillus which subspecies cause indigestion.

"We are surprised the amount of germs. Also, we expect that we'll bacteria that are typical of public toilets available at ATMs, " said study leader Richard Hastings of the Daily Mail.

Microbiologists warn that hand washing is the best method of prevention, especially after using the ATM, toilets and public transport. Hand is pushing necessarily wash with soap and water, and if it is possible and easier disinfectant. Water for washing should be hot.

During the movement in public places, we should touch as little as possible and subject areas. "The door to try to open the elbows, and winter gloves are practical, " says Hastings. Of course, with the gloves then it is not advisable to touch the face, and bacteria from clothing can be removed by washing at least 60 degrees.
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