4 reasons for avoiding carbonated drinks

This lovely bottle of alluring carbonated drinks can actually set a dangerous blow to your immunity

1st People who drink carbonated soft drinks instead of healthy drinks (like milk or pure fruit juice), have fewer opportunities to bring in an adequate dose of vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. Additionally, carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid, which draws calcium and magnesium. Specifically, these two elements help maintain the efficiency of the immune system.

2nd Carbonated drinks usually contain high-fructose corn syrup glukozan, and high levels of free radicals that are associated with the tissue damage and skin, the development of diabetes and digestive complications.

3rd Plastic bottles containing carbonated drinks contain a toxic chemical bisphenol A. More and more evidence linking this chemical with a variety of diseases, including weakening the immune system. Experts recommend that children should be protected from exposure to products containing BPA, particularly those intended for everyday use.

4th Diet sodas actually contribute to the accumulation of pounds. A study conducted in 1550 concluded that people who drank these juices have a 41 percent increased risk of obesity, and it increases for each bottle you drink a day. It seems that the sweet taste signals the body to store fat and carbohydrates, which makes a person hungrier. Sweet taste also stimulates the secretion of insulin, which blocks the body's ability to burn fat.
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