Children are getting inexplicably fat after tonsil surgery?

ENT from the United States have found that a large number of children after tonsil surgery  thicker. The study compared nine different studies on the association with obesity surgery on children and found that indeed there are a large number of small patients one year after surgery have more weight than they should.

The study sample consisted of 795 children from birth to adulthood. Some children were obese, while the other had a normal weight for their age. Doctors have one year after tonsil surgery again measured their body weight. Average BMI (Body-Mass-Index) of children after surgery was 5.5 to 8.2 per cent higher than before surgery. Other studies, in which he used a different methodology, showed that 50-75% of children gained weight after surgery.

The cause of obesity has not yet been determined, but doctors warn that the problem could lie in changing dietary habits. "We need additional research, but the way we want to appeal to parents to watch for a balanced diet and encourage children to engage in sports, " says Anita Jeyakumar the University of Saint Louis in the journal Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.
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