What to drink during the winter?

Although it is not hot  in winter you also need to take plenty of fluids - look at what to and what not drink during the colddays

We need plenty of fluids during the winter, although rarely have a sense of thirst than in summer. However, heating and air-conditioned rooms and winter can often lead to dehydration, so it is important to know some basic rules of what and how to drink.

Firstly, during the cold days and a day we need at least two liters of fluid, with the proviso that we instead of cold beverages to drink more warmer ones that will allow us to improve circulation and strengthen the body after a stay in the cold. For these are the best herbal teas flavored with chamomile, anise or fennel. And weak black tea is a good choice, especially if you update with a little lemon, and one of the healthiest green tea.

Should be careful with the spirits that you should be warm - mulled wine, punch or grog. Specifically, in the beginning you have the feeling that you heat up the beverage, but shortly thereafter the blood vessels will dilate and you will start to lose heat. That is why, after a while it becomes even colder, and with such beverages should not be exaggerated, especially when you are outdoors, and if you think will be a cool time, alcohol in general you should not drink.

Experts do not recommend or too much black coffee or strong black tea (especially if accompanied by not drinking water), because these beverages further dehydrate the body and drains fluid from the body.
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