What is your aesthetic intelligence?

Are you a guru in field of beauty or does your makeup consists of cheap mascara and cause of perfume bought at the market?

1st Which of these foods are natural teeth whiteners?

A. Green Tea  

B. Lemon   
C. Strawberry  

2nd What balm protects chapped lips best?

A. Mineral oil  

B. Flavored  
C. Cocoa Butter  
D. Colored

3rd What percentage of women considering the use of Botox?

A. 17%  

B. 34%  
C. 47%  
D. 68%

4th True or false? Cellulite creams do not work.

5th Blondes should avoid?

A. Makeup dull  

B. Glowing shades  

C. Dark colors
D. Golden shades

6th 80 percent of sun-induced skin damage occurs before?

A. 18 years  

B. 27 years  
C. 35 years  
D. 45 years

Correct answers

1st B and C. Strawberries and lemons are natural teeth whiteners. But prevention is the key to a beautiful smile. Remove any deposits by washing your teeth after every meal or coffee. Stop smoking.

2nd C. Some common ingredients in lip balms can actually have a counter. Mineral oil, for example, creates an artificial film on your lips, signaling your skin to stop producing lipids, while artificial colors and flavorings can dry the skin. To protect your lips from cracking, see balm of natural oils or those containing cocoa butter.

3rd B. 2006th American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, revealed that 63 percent of women have nothing against the use of these substances, but only 34 percent actually used in one period of his life.

4th It's true. No study has shown that the ingredients in these creams to eliminate cellulite. However, little improvement can be observed with regard to the application of creams and massage to help blood flow to the skin. However, this effect does not require a special cream, and the results are temporary.

5th A. Look for makeup that will accentuate your complexion.

6th A. No it does not mean you can stop to wear sunscreen. The damage that it inflicts twice the process. Most occur during childhood, but exposure during adulthood brings surface damage such as sunspots, wrinkles and cancer.
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