Sneakers that will get you into shape without any exercise

Rather than drastic dieting and torture of the body in the gym can now an easier way to lose weight and build a nice body, at least so say the experts from Reebok which were placed on the market a new women's shoes EasyTone. The shoes themselves are working on your figure, strengthens the buttocks and thigh shaping.

Their performance is compared with exercise at high balls, compared to walking in conventional shoes shown that the
buttocks muscles are active for 28 percent and the thighs and calves muscles by 11 percent wearing sneakers EasyTone.

All this enables balancing pads located on the heel and front part of shoes. Pads during walking creates a natural instability which is trying to straighten the muscles, so they are forced to heightened activity.

Reebok has also offered a different design of EasyTone shoes, so everyone can 
choose themselves most beautiful, and the price ranges 109-150 dollars, depending on the model.
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