Dogs may detect prostate cancer

The dog's sense of smell proved to be excellent for detecting explosives or drugs, and recent studies indicate that a very simple test on a sample of urine trained dog can detect prostate cancer

"We were surprised by the high effects of canine olfaction, because no test is not given such good results, " said Professor Olivier Cussenot the results showed that Belgian Shepherd Malinos, able to smell the prostate cancer from a urine sample.

The second dog is trained, said Cussenot, urologist-Cancerology from Paris, the founder of the project explained that the first European to attempt a similar study was already conducted in the United States.

Dogs have proved successful in detecting other types of cancer, wrote in a medical journal The Lancet. Thus canine sense of smell can detect cancerous skin lesions, melanoma, the breath can smell the lung cancer and urine from bladder cancer. Urologists recommend that men between 50 and 75 years of regular testing, but the PSA test (prostate specific antigen, is measured in the blood), proved to be insufficiently reliable.

"PSA test is not ideal because 80 percent of men who have tested positive for cancer, but inflammation or hypertrophy (enlargement of the prostate). On the other hand, the test gives a 10 percent negative cases, and it is a cancer that will escape detection. Diagnosis is confirmed only biopsy, "says Cussenot and adds that it is important to find a method of early detection of aggressive types of cancer, those who are rapidly developing.
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