Riding a bike under water - excellent training for the whole body

"Aqua Cycling" or "Aqua Biking" is a new trend for the maintenance of body weight. It is a physical activity that combines the benefits of a classic bike ride with the positive action of water. Unlike driving on dry, joints and discs in the pool are under special stress, although the resistance that water provides the required additional physical effort.

The first pools with bikes in Europe began to emerge five years ago, and today have become the rule in all the major fitness centers. It is believed that the trend appeared originally in Italy. Special bicycles stainless steel 23 pounds heavier and can be adapted to the amount of users, so they're still only up to the navel in water.

The activity is suitable for members of all ages and is equally attractive to people who want to lose a few pounds, and those who want to bring the body into shape. "Aqua Cycling", namely, training the entire body, and its efficiency is increased by using a dumbbell because it uses the muscles of both upper and lower body.

Beginners have the opportunity to train with less resistance than the bike 50 watts, while experienced athletes can set the bike to a maximum of 250 watts. For a comfortable and solid ride are made of special rubber "shoes", though the bike can be ridden without shoes.

Underwater bicycles are increasingly used in rehabilitation purposes. Specifically, higher water resistance than the body requires more power as I practice it more efficient. Furthermore, hydrostatic pressure has a beneficial effect on blood flow and metabolism. Research shows that consumption of energy, or calories significantly higher than in comparable activities on the land, and there are indications that it reduces the secretion of stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine.

"Aqua Cycling" is especially recommended for obese persons and patients suffering from high blood pressure or breathing problems.
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