Scientists released 6000 genetically modified mosquitoes

One group of scientists criticized the program, while others believe that the mosquitoes could eradicate dengue fever

Genetically modified mosquitoes in Malaysia should eradicate dengue fever, reported Wednesday the Institute for Medical Research, which operates under the auspices of the Malaysian government.

The experimental program, which critics considered dangerous, the first of its kind in Asia, and scientists have conducted it using Males subtype Aedes mosquito, which transmits the types of dengue virus in an uninhabited area of Pahang state in the middle of the country, according to the Institute.

Mosquito has been genetically modified so that its offspring quickly die, which, scientists believe, should lead to a reduction in their population, and finally its disappearance.

Dengue fever transmitted females, a disease characterized by high fever, strong headache. If the infected person is not treated, the disease can cause death.

The purpose of a trial program launched 21st December was a "monitoring the distribution and longevity of this species of mosquitoes in nature, " the statement said the Istituto and adds that "the test is successfully completed January 5, and the results began to be analyzed.

NGO Third World Network, engaged in the care of health and environment, in late 2010. requested the annulment of the trial program, saying it "too dangerous" due to the fact that "resort to genetic modification. "
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