Camel milk- the most similar to breast milk and better than cow's

Camel's milk is less fatty and sweet then cow's, and it contains more minerals and vitamins, the only problem is that it is quite expensive

In the Dutch city of Den Bosch is the only European Camel farm. Started by a student of agriculture and marketing, Frank Smits in 2006. which decided to invest in the production of camel milk. Work from year to year increases and the milk from the Netherlands can still be found in Germany, Morocco, Turkey and Somalia and to the high cost of six euros per liter.

"Camel milk is closest to breast milk. The nutritional value is better than cow. No greasy or sweet, and rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains four times more vitamin C than cow's milk, "says Smits for portal Welt. Beside that camel milk is great for individuals who are sensitive to lactose.

Smits has a total of 50 camels, a leading farm with his father who was a doctor by profession and was encouraged at the University of Wageningen, the first scientific studies of long-term impact of drinking camel's milk. "It has been proved that milk is good for diabetics. In Asia, for centuries known that strengthens the body, and the United Nations has confirmed that it is extremely nutritious, " says Smits.

The young farmer when he started a business was dealing with a number of bureaucratic problems, because the EU does not provide for importation of camels as food. The first camel in Den Bosh therefore came over the Netherlands Antilles, and Smits is a device for milking I've developed. It is interesting that camel milk is given only when next to them have their own offspring. From the day a camel can get about six liters of milk, cows for comparison provides up to 30 liters per day.

In addition to milk on the farm products and candies "Kamelka", while the cheese was postponed until further notice because its price is not competitive.
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