Almonds are helping in the treatment of diabetes

As stated by the new study, eating almonds helps to prevent diabetes and heart disease
Researchers have found that the introduction of these nuts in the diet may help in treating type 2 diabetes, which is the most common form of this disease. Besides helping in the fight against diseases associated with obesity and lack of physical activity, almonds reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In fact, diabetics have a deficiency of insulin or a reduced ability to use this hormone by which glucose is converted into energy. When diabetes is not controlled, glucose and fats remain in the blood and over time, damage vital organs.

The study found that a diet rich in almonds can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce levels of bad cholesterol in those with pre-diabetes, a condition where people have an increased level of sugar in the blood, but not enough to be a highly classified as diabetes.

Research conducted by the Medical University of New Jersey, followed by the effects of almond consumption in 65 adults in the phase of pre-diabetes. The group that consumed the almonds showed a significant improvement in terms of insulin sensitivity and reduction of bad cholesterol. It is estimated that in Europe 55 million people suffer from this disease.
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