5 quick ways to relax

If you compress stress, anxiety and daily concern, perhaps it is time to devote little attention to yourself
1st Find a quiet place - this may be a little harder if you're at work or at home with children. But we all need a little private time to make us nervous system regenerate. Be creative. Find your space.

2nd Go out, take a walk - this really saves. Only a 15 minute walk in the fresh air will clear up your thoughts and calm your mind. After that you can rationally address the problems that plague you. If you can certainly extend this strolling, and fit in your schedule at least one-week stay in the countryside.

3rd Stay close to the water
- if possible, spend their free time with water that has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Water helps in many ways. When you are very upset by drinking a large glass of water. Walk to the water, watch it, listen. Swimming or hot bath can relax you very much.

4th Deep breaths - Breathing is the foundation of calm because this is the way we give oxygen to the brain. Breathing also eliminates toxins from our bodies. The following methods can help to reduce anxiety through breathing.

    - slowly inhale and count to four

    - hold your breath and count to four
    - slowly exhale through your mouth and count to four

    - rest for a count of four

    - twice normal breaths 
    - start again with the first step

5th Listen to music
- through the centuries, music was one of my favorite ways of entertainment and relaxation. Find a contractor that suits you, and escape at least for a short period in their world without the worry and stress.
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