Walking speed affects the lifespan?

Slower walk is proved to be one of the key factors in the longevity in 20 years long study 

People all over the world today are living longer than ever before, a new study shows who could live longer. Data from the study could help doctors and the elderly in the planning of medical treatment and care.

There are not many of those who experience the hundredth, and still drive the car. But Mazerine Wingate is one of them. His vision is still sharp. But that's not all. He is always working! And six days a week, in a post office in the State of Maryland. There he began working in his 60th-year as a cleaner. He says that there are no health problems. Asked who would be able to give advice to others for a long and happy life, the centenarian replied: "Move, move, constantly moving ".

And while it is very strange that people that age are still employed, there is less unusual to reach one hundredth. Doctor Neil Buckholtz, National Institute for problems of aging says that all the longer lifetime becomes a problem for governments around the world: "The population of people of advanced age is increasing, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. Actually, the segment of the population that is The fastest growth in the United States are precisely those over 85 years. "

A new study shows a link between walking speed and life expectancy. Scientists have observed the speed of walking and other indicators of health in almost 35 000 older persons. Followed by up to 20 years. The research was led by Dr. Stephanie Studenski of the University of Pittsburgh: "The speed of your walk, tells us how well-functioning system of your body. "

By measuring the speed of walking and using tables for calculating longevity, doctors can provide better care to their patients. For example, most doctors do not send patients to the possibility of prostate cancer after their 70th year. However, if it is otherwise healthy and vital man who could survive for at least another ten years, it would be such a review would be of use.

For those who have poorer health, doctors could examine the ways in which their health and quality of life can improve. However, Dr. Studenski said that although good and useful, these tables are not always indicators of longevity. Some people in good health simply prefer to walk slower.
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