Forget about cosmetics! Sleep and you will look more attractive

At least seven hours of sleep per day is quite enough to look healthy and beautiful

Cosmetic products can help You to preserve health and beauty, but not like the most ordinary sleep. Indeed, those famous eight hours of sleep does wonders - the people who sleep properly and regularly are more attractive and more beautiful than those who sleep too little. In a study published in BJM participated in 23 healthy young women who were photographed after sufficient and insufficient sleep. Each photo was judged on a scale of attractiveness 1:00 to 10:00 - assessment done by neutral people. On this 'beauty contest' won the photographs of women rested.

The experiment was very simple: women  spent the first night at home, in bed they lie down in 23 hours and wake up at seven in the morning. Another night they spent in a lab where they slept under the supervision of only five hours. Women were not allowed to use makeup or hair editing. In a report on research conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said that the people who sleep too little perceived as less attractive and less healthy. Although the dream of beauty is often considered the most ordinary myth, there is growing evidence that confirms its authenticity. Nonetheless, proper sleep slows development of wrinkles on the face and neck, and it is because we sweat when we are asleep and thus moisturizing the skin. Experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep. How do you stand on this issue?
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