Stretch marks should not be an unsolvable problem

Connective tissue damages, stretch marks, can be substantially mitigated, and almost invisible

Regardless of whether you are genetically prone to stretch marks, which is possible because it determines the quality of the skin and connective tissue, or those incurred in the midst of major changes in body mass (weight gain, growth, body building ...), if you have many, you are probably interested in what you can do to make them invisible.

Visible damage of connective tissue, formed due to skin stretching too quickly, one of the major problems on the road to beautiful skin. Stretch marks are caused when the connective tissue can not adapt to the rapid stretching of skin and come up with its damages. They occur in places that are most susceptible to stretching (butt, shoulder, upper arm, abdomen, chest and thighs).

At first, stretch marks are colored red-purple and appear
horizontally on the skin, and later become white. The size and width of stretch marks is not always the same and vary from small changes in the skin and those long as 20 centimeters. Mainly marks appear on the surface but can also occur subcutaneous.

There is probably nobody without stretch marks. However, when a stretch mark occur one can not be completely removed, but if you are not too big and their size can be reduced to almost imperceptible. With treatment should begin as soon as you stretch, "goes white" due to loss of pigment in the skin, it is difficult to bring the seamless level. To restore color, used a device that emits UVB rays which stimulate the return of skin pigmentation. Laser therapy yields positive results, However, as yet at an individual level.

Still not quite possible to completely prevent stretch marks, but in most cases they can be much reduced. When the skin is prone to cracking (puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding) is necessary to use creams that help preserve the connective tissue. On the other hand, foods rich in protein and vitamin C is welcome. It is recommended to avoid sudden weight gain, muscle mass and not wearing an appropriate bra.
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