How to help your digestion

Why is not good for the digestion to eat before the TV and why it was not a good to have a cigarette after meal

Indigestion is a very important process that most of us do not comply. It feeds on the fly, do not give yourself time to rest after eating, and then wonder why we have heartburn and other symptoms of indigestion.

If you suffer from digestive problems, most importantly make sure to eat properly. Eat a variety of foods, lots of vegetables (especially potatoes and cabbage) and fruit (mango is very good for digestion and can help you and probiotics.

So, do not just sit in front of the TV with food on a platter rather eat at the table. In fact, feeding the TV makes it difficult to stomach - acid rise up into the esophagus because you are hunched.

Also, if you are a smoker do not smoke when you are full of food because it can trigger heartburn.

In addition, always take time to digest before the physical but also mental activity. The ideal time to digest about one hour.
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