Hormone therapy during menopause improves mental health

Sex hormone therapy not only affects sexual desire and problems of menopause, but also rejuvenates the brain

New research has shown that hormonal replacement therapy for postmenopausal women not only helps in easing the various symptoms, but improves their mental health, specifically, rejuvenates the brain.

Psychologists at the University of Durham conducted a study on the activity of sex hormone therapy among women aged between 46 and 71 years. One of the women received hormonal therapy, while others did not. All women have passed a series of mental tests, including motor skills of both left and right hands.

Results showed better coordination of both hands in women who have received treatment, meaning that both hemispheres of their brain work better and are better connected.

Time has shown that sex hormones have an extraordinary effect on changing the organization of the brain and may influence not only on sexual behavior, but also on cognitive function, namely to better mental health.
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